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The Mormon Church and Prop 8

"As a member of the LDS church we have known [and still do] the feeling of being ridiculed and mistreated because of our faith."
~David Loder, 40, a business manager from Corona and a member of the Mormon church, discussing his vote in support of Prop 8.

Note: I felt additional information needed to be added to an existing chapter discussing the Church's stance on homosexuality, given the recent vote on Proposition 8 in California, defining marriage as being between a man and a woman, only. This is not the chapter mentioned, merely my thoughts on the topic and facts for you to have access to. A more polished entry will follow at a later date, including the original chapter.

By now we all know that stumping Prop 8 in California's November 4th election failed. It failed in large part to the LDS Church's enormous militia of members on their phones, texting, emailing, and going door to door. If ever there was an organization that knew a thing or two about bringing up touchy subjects at a stranger's door, it's the Mormons. It's estimated that the church poured more than $20 million into the effort, with the leadership recording videos to be showed to members in California and beyond explaining what they expected to be done, and why.

Quotes from this video:

"Our approach must always be with respect for others and their opinions."

"The central message of the Savior is to love all of our brothers and sisters"

"We - without concern - go to the members of the church [...] to support in every way possible the sacred institute of marriage as we know it to be."

Things they failed to acknowledge in this video: The contradictory nature of preaching love for everyone, showing respect for others and their opinions and then voting to not allow a margin of our populace to express love. Also, "marriage as we know it to be." Marriage now? Marriage when you originally set up the church? because those two things are vastly different, as we all know. In the beginning of the LDS church, Joseph Smith himself said concerning polygamy (one man, as many wives as he could take on) "...that if this principle was not introduced, this Church and kingdom could not proceed.."

He said on many occasions that his very life depended on marrying other women, in addition to his first wife, Emma. In fact, that was usually his pick up line for young, impressionable girls, for lack of a better term.

Yes, clearly this is the organization to show the way to what a moral marriage should be. Internal documents in the church have been leaked, going back more than ten years. These documents show the beginnings of the organization of Prop 8.

" order to win this battle, there may have to be certain legal rights recognized for unmarried people such as hospital visitation so opponents in the legislature will come away with something."

If they had their full way, gays couldn't even have visitation rights. What a crumb they threw those sinners, eh? What on earth gives anyone the right to determine your ability to visit someone ill in a hospital? It goes on:

"Anti-H.L.M. [homosexual legal marriage] legislation through both Houses of the California Legislature appears virtually impossible at the present. There is consensus that a referendum is the only route. While expensive, there are at least two coalitions coming together with one of them showing promise as to raising money.

Richard Wirthlin has run a survey which shows public support for our position in the mid-fifty percentile. As in Hawaii, his survey also shows the public image of the Catholic Church higher than our Church. In other words, if we get into this, they are the ones with which to join."


"If the right people can be found, we may end up with a coalition who will work in the background assisting other coalitions where we can agree on what they are doing."

Signed Loren C. Dunn, a General Authority in the church at the time.

Summary: we don't want to get our hands dirty.

This is a church that represents less than 2% of California's voting populace, and yet their drive (back seat drivers so the Catholics could hopefully get hit with mud pies) to push this discriminatory act into law garnered a bare two percent margin in the win column.

Incidentally, you can see a list of Mormon Donors by visiting this site. If they can organize and get their message of hate out, perhaps supporters of gay marriage can show the impact their belonging to our society has. If you don't know by now that Gays and Lesbians generate a huge chunk of the economy, then consider this your education. Many of the donors are listed as businesses, and many are NOT in California. Arizona, Utah (of course) and other states are listed, as well.

One day my hope is that NO religion can mandate their beliefs and have them enacted as law. This country was founded on the concept of separation of church and state, a fact many of these kooks keep forgetting. Oh, that is until the federal government shows up, threatening to take away all financial holdings for breaking the law, which is what happened to the Mormons in 1892, forcing their hand on banning polygamy for the time being.

A response to the "gay issue" that I hear most often from the Mormon camp is how gays shove their actions in other people's faces (because we all know that heterosexual couples never display affection publicly) and how hateful the gays can be, when the Church teaches nothing but love.

Here's an example of their "love:"

Spencer W. Kimball, former President of the Church, who taught often that masturbation, a major sin, would lead to an even greater sin, homosexuality. And if the Lord caught you in the act, or knew what you were getting up to, "The Lord may say to offenders, as He did to Cain, 'What hast thou done?' [...] You will have difficulty throughout the ages in totally forgiving yourself."

It's pretty clear that he was a wackadoodle. Beside the portentous omen that you'll be miserable for the rest of your life, he compares homosexuals to the first murderer recorded in western writing (the Bible.) Because that makes sense. This guy taught that death sentences would be the appropriate response to uncovering a homosexual. His henchmen taught missionaries to punch a homo in the face, if confronted, to really "lay them out."

Isn't that loving?


These are all just my immediate thoughts, but know this: there are more homosexuals in the world than there are active Mormons. (don't believe their numbers - there are NOT 13 million active Mormons, it's closer to 7 Million, and it's dwindling every year.) The pendulum will swing back - eventually - to the side of kindness, love, and acceptance. That's my fervent hope, at any rate.
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