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Here is some more info for thought re: Mormons and Prop 8

You might find this blog interesting. Because I'm not in CA, I didn't realize that one of the "selling points" to pass that was that "gays would teach gay sex in elementary school." Which obviously is horse pucky.

I worry about the ability to bring the Church to its knees on tax-exempt status because of a very important element to the religion: no one (for the most part) is paid in the church, and the leadership was "off the record" when they told the membership what to do, meaning, they didn't say "vote this way" during General Conference, the twice a year instruction sermon from the leaders to the members. The church's agenda is carried out by the MEMBERSHIP. They accomplish their mission by meeting in each other's homes, by talking on the phone. The church has been able to skirt a LOT of problems by saying "the leadership didn't say this out right" because the leadership meets with lower-level leaders in their houses, stressing what should be done, then those leaders go to lower level leaders, and so on and so on, and it trickles down in Saturday night priesthood meetings in individual ward houses on off hours, or in some one's home on Sunday evening "home teaching." This is how they get around "we officially didn't say this."

Or the other way is how the church buys out civilian businesses, uses that to buy another business, and there's the front. An example is FARMS, a "research" outfit that is designed to "prove the science and history" of the Book of Mormon but is in no-way affiliated with the LDS church. Except for how it was founded by an apostle, is on BYU land, has all of their "findings" published by Mormon press, and is referenced by Mormon leaders in their Sunday night "unofficial" meetings with the congregation. Yeah, it's not affiliated. They have smart lawyers, in other words, all trained up at BYU law.

I do hope they get nailed for this one, because it SHOULD be clear that they were influencing their congregations. (There's a petition to sign at the bottom of the above link to support stripping the Church of their rights to avoid their pressing political agendas in the future.)

Important to say (for me:) I bring these things up not because I'm trying to single-handedly bring down the Mormon Church (although I won't lie - that could be sweet if their real face was exposed and people could make INFORMED decisions about sticking with them.) I say these things because while I believe that everyone has the right to believe in the god/ess of their own choice and practice their own faith/religion how they see fit (as long as laws aren't being broken - no virgin sacrifices, in other words), the Mormon Church DOES NOT RETURN THE FAVOR. That is unfair, unkind, and most importantly, UN CHRISTIAN. (They aren't a Christian church, though they like to pretend otherwise.)

[ETA] This link shows that the bishops of San Francisco (like the local preachers) were instructed to read the aforementioned statement, but ONLY in the sunday school classes for the adults, NOT in sacrament service (the main service that has a "pulpit") so as to avoid the rules on separation of church and state. If you're going to such lengths to skirt the law, are you being moral or ethical? Short answer: nope. Not even close.
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